January 2023 Newsletter


Welcome to 2023! Happy Chinese New Year and happy Australia Day! It seems like the time of year when every other week is a holiday, and what better excuse to eat lots and see family. If you haven't got plans yet, we have some event ideas for you below.

2023 is the year of the rabbit, the symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity in Chinese culture. After, what I am sure we can all agree, has been a tough start to the decade, and amidst the economic uncertainty and war (see articles below), I'm sure we are all hopeful the year ahead is going to be more peaceful and prosperous.

Many local groups run free classes for anyone interested. But classes aren't for everyone and if you prefer something more lowkey, there's plenty of other options being put on by our communities. You could even walk through a weekend market, seeing your community's talent and supporting local businesses.

Since starting this newsletter, and trying to build a library of community events and support networks, etc., we have been truly inspired just by how many initiatives are being put on every week.

We firmly believe in the power of community. It's an amazing part of human existence and we also think that, in the digital age, whilst we can build larger online communities and send more information and ideas than ever before, the local community is still integral to the fabric of society. This year we're hoping to take community engagement to the next level, particularly for our renters and owners, so stay tuned.

At The Neighbourhood, we are super excited about 2023. We know there are going to be challenges but we're focused on growing and contributing more to our communities. We have many initiatives planned which we will be very excited to launch with you in the coming months.

Thank you and enjoy your day, week, and month!

Speak Soon.



We strive to stay up to date on the latest market trends. Here are a few articles we think are worth reading.

  • All technology goes through an adoption process
    This year is apparently going to be the year that home automation technology starts to really take hold. "Theoretically, the TV should be able to turn on a spotlight above your food preparation counter at the same time as turning on the oven." This is just one of those things that is mentioned in this article, which has lots to consider beyond the tech, but also about how we interact with it and how that impacts our environments.
  • Falling house prices are creating new opportunities for buyers
    Timelines for sales are pushing out, buyers are becoming increasingly confident, and we expect this will likely continue well into 2023.
  • One of our favourites - Chris Joye from Coolahbah Capital
    Chris explains that the housing market correction is going to continue "with gusto" into 2023 with historic price drops anticipated. we fear for our owners, and if you don't need to sell, we wouldn't recommend doing so.
  • Michael Yardney suggests that the long-term fundamentals are strong
    Something that CV-19 has influenced in the office market is a 'flight to quality' which now seems to be taking off in residential too as buyers look to take advantage of market conditions to potentially upgrade their homes. Michael's summary is a useful read if you want a quick snapshot on the market.
  • Stamp duty is one of the government's favourite taxes.
    With the changes recently in NSW to the 
    divisive tax scheme, Victoria doesn't seem to be considering any changes. Given how significant this tax is, we'd love to hear your views if you have any.


What's new in your neighbourhood? These are a few recent updates that are happening in some of our local communities.

  • Reflect, Respect and Celebrate Australia Day
    Fed Square will be hosting live music acts, food trucks and family friendly activities all day on the 26th of January. The have many freebies to give away and all the activities are free too. There will also be a flyover display by the Royal Australian Airforce acrobatic team, 'The Roulettes' at 12.15pm. See their 
    full program here.
  • Protect your Pets from the Heat.
    Australia is known for its extreme heat waves and your pets can struggle with it without proper care. Animals Australia have 
    8 tips to help animals survive summer. Remember our wildlife have the same struggles as our pets but they don't have a loving owner to keep them safe and cool. Placing a shallow tray of fresh water in your front yard can make all the difference.
  • Get Active this Summer
    City of Monash have free 
    'Active Summer' activities this January. They have fitness camp, PramFit, Dementia Friendly Group Class, Walking Group, Tai Chi, Seniors in the Park, Meditation, and Zumba. With so many options, how will you choose to keep active?
  • Explore the Melbourne Museum
    Bring your kinds or your inner child to the Summer of Play at the Melbourne Museum. There are illuminated swings and seesaws, ping pong tables and handball areas. There is even an ice cream truck open from 11am (Wed-Sun). If you visit on Friday or Saturday night, there are also DJs and twilight tours.
  • Support Local Businesses
    Visit the 
    Camberwell Sunday Market as a shopper and support local businesses. Or book a stall and share your business with the community. They are open every Sunday 7am-12.30pm.

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