Twenty-five years running real estate franchises

After twenty-five years running real estate franchises in state and national agencies plus award winning cafes in Melbourne, Carmela Dimasi decided it was time to control how she provided the services to her customers.

That was 2017, when CD Realty was born. Then after 3 years of setting up her own business and establishing control, Carmela decided it was time to evolve the brand further. And in 2022, The Neighbourhood Property Collective was born.

One of Carmela’s life philosophies is to put others first. This is reflected in her business philosophy which is centered around the customers. Carmela has applied her primary principles of honesty, doing the right thing and always being able to put your head on the pillow with a clean conscience to everything she has done. It’s an extremely authentic approach and it’s refreshing. This is why her customers have been customers for so long. And we’re proud of this.

These traits are shared by the whole team. Which is why Carmela decided the business should no longer be named after her. The goal is for it to be bigger than herself, a Neighbourhood.

We are Family owned & Independent. As Carmela has learned, this is important. We can be agile, dynamic and there are no franchise fees or other hidden fees. This allows us to focus solely on property management now and forever. This allows us to be operationally agile and efficient ensuring you get real value for money.

Now that The Neighbourhood is born, we want to help every Australian love where they live. One home at a time.

Meet Our Team