Bring Your Garden Inside

Indoor plants should be one of your first considerations when it comes to decorating your home; not only will they improve the aesthetic of most rooms, but they also have several ‘superpowers’ that will improve your wellbeing and health.

There are indoor plants that purify the air, others can be used to garnish your cooking, and there are even pet-friendly plants. It has been proven that some plants can help reduce stress levels as well as benefit your physical health. They can improve your productivity and bring life into your home. If you are moving into a new property and want to give your home a ‘natural lift’, consider how you could incorporate different plants into your décor. 

Cleaner Air 

Many species of plants are known to remove chemicals from the surrounding air. According to Prestigious Plantscape, indoor plants can increase air quality by removing air pollution and allergens. One of our favourites, Parlor Palm, has the ability to absorb the chemicals from gas-off from newly built furniture (Forbes Vetted). 


Fresh Herbs 

Anyone who loves to cook, or garden will have heard this before, but there is nothing better than making a home cooked meal and putting homegrown herbs on top. Growing herbs in the garden or on your kitchen window sill is satisfying and means fresh garnishes for your meals.  


Pet Friendly 

Pet owners will be pleased to know there are pet-friendly alternatives to the toxic plant species that you don’t want around your pets. Bird’s Nest Fern is an example of a non-toxic plant species to keep your pets safe (Forbes Vetted). There are many harmless species that could be a good addition to your home that won’t disturb your fur babies. Keep this in mind when picking out what plants you are going to get.


Mental Health 

Plants are natural stress reducers. According to Healthline, they are known to have a therapeutic effect on those around them. One example is Lavender, with its soothing scent it will help you relax. Even just the concept of caring for a plant and watching it grow and thrive can have a positive effect on someone’s mental outlook.  


Physical Health 

Plants can provide natural remedies for physical health problems. Eucalyptus is a widely used scent to help alleviate the symptoms of the common cold and asthma (Healthline). The sap from Aloe Vera plants can also be used to sooth burns. 




Some plants omit scents that help relax you, allowing you to fall asleep faster and deeper (Strutt and Parker). A good night’s sleep will set you up for the following day. And plants have been known to increase productivity, which explains their increased popularity in workplaces. After a good night’s sleep, you can open your laptop in your home office for an efficient workday.  



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