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Spring is upon us. The days get longer and hotter. As the weather becomes more inviting, many of us will want to head outside to enjoy the Aussie sun. For some of us, that is as simple as stepping into our back yard, to have do some gardening. For those of us that don’t have a backyard, here are 5 very simple ideas of how you can enjoy the outdoors this spring.

1.      Reading in a calm natural environment.
If you love the idea of sitting on your veranda with a good book but don’t have a porch at your place, head down to your local park. You will find they often have bandstands or shaded areas you can sit and listen to birds chirping or trees blowing while indulging in your latest novel. By opening a book, you can improve your memory and lengthen your ability to concentrate. 

2.     Having a Family BBQ.
Not enough room in your backyard to fit the whole family, not a problem. Your local park has communal BBQs and picnic areas you can gather at for a nice sunny meal. Conserve Energy Future has a list of 15 tips to host an ecofriendly picnic. Bring your family together for some quality time.

3.     Do some Gardening.
Growing vegetables or planting new flowers can make your garden thrive. If you don’t have a garden at home, you can still put your green thumb to work. You can grow an indoor herb garden on your kitchen windowsill with the help of some Bunnings Gardening Tips. Or if you prefer to go outdoors, you could sign up to help at your local community garden or attend
a plant a tree day at the local reserve.

4.    Go for a Swim.
Take a dip at your local pool or better yet, paddle in the ocean. Your local beach has a salt filled ‘pool’, which according to The Conversation, is good for your physical and mental health as well as for the environment. 

5.    Stay fit and get your Vitamin D fill.
Exercise is always more enjoyable in nice weather. Go for a walk, run or ride around your local area. Take in some sun and some fresh air. Being in the sun means your body will produce vitamin D which will assist in building a healthy immune system and development of bones and teeth.


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